About Me


I learned everything I know about food from my Mom, my Grandma Lynne, and by watching every episode Ina Garten ever filmed. I ran an apple pie hustling operation in in 2003 (my Mom bought all the ingredients and I charged $10 a pie, you do the math). I didn’t have any expenses as a ten year old, so everyone got really good Christmas presents that year.

Health is very important to me, so I focus on using whole, real food in my recipes. I enjoy vegetables more than most people, and love finding new ways to trick my husband into appreciating them as much as I do.

I work in Supply Chain and absolutely love the people I’m surrounded by every day. The feeling is mutual, but probably swayed by the fact that I bring baked goods in to share every couple of weeks.

I travel as much as I can, and my husband and I have been pretty spoiled in this department throughout the past year, as he is an MBA student and has a wonderfully flexible schedule. We’re always planning our next adventure together based off our travel bucket list.

There are a few things I love as much as cooking (in no particular order)…

  • my family
  • my husband
  • traveling
  • dogs
  • plantains
  • good books
  • sleeping
  • babies
  • wine
  • trips to Trader Joe’s
  • being outside
  • peanut butter
  • when Will & Grace re runs are on TV

I am a very open and opinionated person. If you know me, you’d agree you always know how I feel. Please feel free to leave me a comment or send a message! I am so excited to have the opportunity to share the places I go and the food I create with others, so thank you for your support and patience with my novice photography along the way!


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