Tiny Kitchens


I have a love of food that dates back to making Christmas shortbread with my mom and sisters in our tiny kitchen in the “house on Parkside.” It was a galley kitchen, where opening a cabinet and the fridge door at the same time was not an option. Mom would lift us onto the counter to drop cold tablespoons of butter into the Cuisinart, where we’d stay, watching the dough in the oven puff up and brown until the warm sweet smells of Christmas would float through the rest of the house. We’d take turns shaking powdered sugar onto the golden crust, never able to wait long enough for the shortbread to cool. Although the kitchen in the “house on Parkside” is no longer tiny, but I am happy to say I continue to share many amazing memories in it with the ones I love. So many of my fond memories and favorite recipes began in that tiny kitchen, and I love spending my free time recreating them in my own tiny kitchen today.

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